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A SHERE delight! Portrait photo shoot in Shere, Surrey.

This lovely lady, Laura-Jayne hired me to take some portrait shots of her and her beloved dog Bear, she chose a village near Guildford called Shere. This village is a small little beauty spot surrounded by amazing countryside and has a gorgeous little stream running through it where generations of villagers and locals have dipped a toe.

This village is also famous for the popular A lister film, The holiday.

I know this place so well having been here multiple times since childhood and have shot a few photoshoots here in the past as it has plenty of great little hidden gems for lifestyle photography.

I even started my career here having taken my first photography short course back in 2012 right before I joined a professional studio and started my career professionally.

Its great for family shoots and portraits as there is so many areas I use to create a detailed and varied shoot gallery that my clients can get excited about!

Laura-Jayne and Bear did so well, taking my advise and posing well and Laura-Jayne was up for jumping in with the sheep! Bear was a complete star of a dog posing for me and also wanting lots of attention.

I really love the creativity and time you get when shooting portraits and it's personalised to the client and their needs. I had a good chat with Laura-Jayne about what she wanted and style options and created a gallery full of different natural backdrops for her to choose from. A real country girl!


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