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Why should you hire a professional photographer?

So, a wedding is a huge part of your life, emotionally, financially and with this comes so many suppliers and people wanting to talk to you and earn your trust. I always tell my clients when I first meet them at a fair or via email to go with their gut instinct after asking the questions that are important to them. It is a great opportunity to meet me in person or schedule a phone call for us to understand that we are a great fit. I bring genuine passion to my work and I love providing a great photography experience, taking pride in the fact that I've done this professionally for a long time.  

After all of the cake has been cut, the lights have gone down and you remember your whirlwind of a day, you will need those beautiful images to look upon and show loved ones for the rest of your life.

Always choose a professional as we don't just pick up a fancy camera and click a button, we control that camera manually with skill(shutter speed, aperture & ISO)  to deal with all lighting changes, demands of speed, large group shots, room shots that need a wide lens, the list goes on. Ive been in many different types of locations with different scenarios and have the experience to pose you naturally, which believe me you need for a good image to become a beautiful one. It's as simple as me moving your arm up or telling you to face a different way but it never feels awkward as its a little tweak for those couple shots and it's worth it. Group shots big or small need me to guide the people quickly and smoothly with a laugh so that your guests relax and know what their doing. Im never bossy or rude and always smiling ! 

Mini or Full wedding ? 

Full day wedding

This is me photographing from morning prep with bride up to the first dance ( around 8pm-9pm finish) past 9pm is classed as overtime so that will have to be paid in advance. The full day means I cover all the moments throughout the whole day, morning prep, guests arriving to the ceremony, ceremony, confetti, group shots, couple shots, details of flowers, room and tables. The speeches and candid moments through to the cake cutting, first dance and all the guests having a wonderful time with you. 

Mini Wedding 

This is when you just want the key moment of getting married photographed and allows for a few pictures after the ceremony. This package is 3.5 hours of my hire time and also includes the edited images on usb. It gives you some gorgeous images of your special moment.

Half wedding option of 6 hours is also available from ceremony onwards. Please ask for a quote. 

The pro's of choosing me for your day,

  • Female photographer , means in the morning getting ready its more comfortable for the bride to have me around when you're getting ready.  Also this is a great option for certain cultures. 

  • A relaxed, calm attitude to shooting, polite and easy to get on with. 

  • 9 years of professional experience, working for myself and professional studios, companies in many different genres of photography means I am more experienced than some. I've worked professionally for corporate shoots, headshots, portraits, branding shoots, families on location and in the studio. Dogs, horses and different types of weddings, big, small, and different religious ceremonies like Persian , Catholic , Christian. 

  • Natural photography, telling the story and quick to notice the little moments and work around people and their emotions.

  • An experienced editor with retouching skills means I don't outsource my work to others to finish, it stays with me and I make sure it reaches my high standards and gives you a classic & warm look to the images that are high quality for printing and your personal use. If images are not handled or technically dealt with properly in post production then you won't get that great print quality .

  • Two photographers do you need it? Well I shoot alone and dont need a second shooter unless there is extra events added into the day so always check with me first as usually in the morning a bride takes quite a few hours getting ready and there is more than enough time for me to get some shots of the groom before I come to the brides preparation. Another option is that I usually tend to get groom shots whilst he's waiting for the ceremony so there will always be lovely shots of the groom and groomsmen. 

  • I'm quick at what I do and won't get in your way. 

  • Detailed pre wedding chat before your wedding to talk about all the timings, shot list, family dynamics, exciting plans and general running of the day. 

  • Pre wedding photo shoot included in my packages, this is a shoot on location and its great for us to get to know each other more, for you both to feel comfortable in front of the camera and a bit of practice of some poses and how I work. Its not compulsory but always worth it. 

  • You get sneak peeks days after your wedding so you have an idea of whats to come.

  • You receive your images 4-6 weeks after your wedding as I have many weddings I does take hours of work cutting down thousands of images and editing them ready for your usb. I won't let you down on this as I've heard some horror stories of some photographers not getting images to clients for 6 months or more and I find this so sad. 

  • I'm fully insured for my business.

  • We will sign contracts together which covers all the requirements for all of us, peace of mind that I'm working in a correct way and you understand what my service provides. 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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